#BESTSELLER1 50 Best Low-Carb Mexican Recipes

Take two of every foodie’s biggest weaknesses, put them together and you get this Mexican pizza that is off-the-scale yummy and a ball to put together. Low-carb foods like this pizza offer you the chance to indulge without having to sacrifice your diet, and an extra bonus is the fact this pizza can be done in a number of ways to suit your tastes and to keep it fresh and new every time you make it. The basic recipe calls for Pace salsa in lieu of traditional marinara, swaps out your mozzarella for cheddar and features festive Mexican topics like olives, tomatoes and cilantro. A pound of lean ground beef laid beneath the layer of cheese gives sustenance, while the thin crust makes it perfect for dipping into your favorite salsa or topping with a spoonful of homemade guacamole or sour cream. What other toppings will you try?
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