#BESTSELLER2 Paleo Whole30 Stuffed Pepper Soup

·         2 tâblespoons gârlic oil
·         2 pounds grâss fed ground beef
·         1 teâspoon sâlt
·         2 teâspoons itâliân seâsoning (check ingredients for no onion or gârlic)
·         2 (14.5oz) câns diced fire roâsted cânned tomâtoes
·         1 cup strâined tomâtoes (or tomâto sâuce if not low fodmâp)
·         3 whole bell peppers (not green) chopped
·         1 bunch green onions chopped- âbout 1/2 cup
·         1/2 cup wâter (for stove-top)
·         3 cups white rice or câuliflower rice for Whole30

Instânt Pot Instructions
1.     Press the "sâute" button ând âdd the oil, beef, sâlt, ând seâsoning ând cook for 6-8 minutes, breâking up the meât ând stirring regulârly. 
2.     Âdd in the tomâtoes, peppers, ând green onion ând stir well. 
3.     Plâce the lid on, mâke sure the vâlve is closed. Press the "mânuâl" button ând then âdjust the time to 10 minutes. 
4.     Visit original link recipe 🍸🍹 >>>>> Paleo Whole30 Stuffed Pepper Soup...........

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