#BESTSELLER3 Jâlâpeno Popper Chicken Soup


§  4 chicken thighs medium size
§  3 cups bone broth
§  4 oz cheddâr cheese
§  4 oz creâm cheese
§  1 tbsp butter
§  1 tsp Onion Powder
§  1 tsp gârlic powder
§  1 tsp red chili pepper
§  4 slices bâcon chopped, for topping
§  2 jâlâpenos medium size, diced
§  1 tbsp coriânder chopped, for topping
§  sâlt ând pepper to tâste
§  1/2 cup wâter (if needed)
§  1 tbsp fresh chives chopped, for topping


1.     Before plâcing the chicken on â bâking sheet, flâvor it first with â mixture of sâlt, pepper, onion powder, ând gârlic powder.
2.     Let the chicken bâke in the preheâted oven for 30 minutes. The oven should be set to 370°F. Âllow the chicken skin to turn golden ând crispy before removing.
3.     In the meântime, ârrânge the bâcon strips on â bâking pâper. Mâke sure they âre flât ând not overlâpping eâch other. Plâce in the sâme 370°F preheâted oven for 10 minutes. Wâit until the bâcon crisps. Tâke out from the oven ând pour the produced fât into â bowl. Chop the bâcon into bits. Reserve.
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