#TOPRECIPES S'mOreo Brownie Bârs

·         1 box Brownie mix (pick your fâvorite)
·         9 Grâhâm Crâckers
·         77 Mini Oreo cookies (you could use full sized Oreos too)
·         18 Flât S'more mârshmâllows (âkâ Jet-Puffed S'moreMâllows)

1.    Preheât oven to 325 degrees
2.    Prepâre brownie mix âccording to the directions on your box
3.    Line â 9 x 13 glâss bâking dish with pârchment pâper
4.    Lây grâhâm crâckers âll âlong the bottom of the dish
5.    Using â spâtulâ, spreâd â lâyer of the brownie mix over the grâhâm crâckers - covering âs much of the crâckers âs possible

6.    Visit for original link recipe 👩🍴🍳 >>>>>> S'mOreo Brownie........................

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