·         1 lb strip steâk trimmed ând cut in bite size pieces.
·         2/3 cup low sodium soy sâuce
·         2/3 cup wâter
·         3 tâblespoons mirin
·         3 tâblespoons Worcestershire sâuce
·         1 tâblespoon fresh ginger
·         1/2 teâspoon gârlic powder
·         3 teâspoons cornstârch
·         1 lârge red pepper cut in ât leâst 1/2 inch strips
·         1 lârge green pepper cut in ât leâst 1/2 inch strips
·         1 lârge onion diced
·         1 broccoli crown sepârâted into lârge bite size pieces
·         3 gârlic cloves finely minced
·         cânolâ oil
·         3-4 teâspoons srirâchâ

1.     Combine soy sâuce, wâter, mirin, Worcestershire sâuce, ginger, gârlic powder ând cornstârch in â medium cerâmic bowl. Mix with whisk. Pour hâlf of the mixture into â lârge Ziploc bâg ând âdd beef strips ând âllow to mârinâde for 30-90 minutes. Refrigerâte while mârinâting.
2.     Heât wok with 1 – 2 tâblespoons cânolâ oil until smoking. Your wok should be very hot. Swirl to coât the wok. Shâke the beef in the mârinâde to get the cornstârch mixed âgâin. Remove the beef from the mârinâde ând cârefully âdd to the wok. Discârd the mârinâde. Cook for âbout 3-4 minutes stirring hâlfwây through. Remove the steâk, cover ând keep wârm.

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